Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Here at insight cleaning we offer many solutions for patio cleaning and Driveway cleaning. Not only do we have years of experience in cleaning patios and driveways. But we have invested in the best equipment for cleaning your patios and driveways.

 When neglected patios and driveways will get dirty over time and start looking a little worse for wear.

Depending on the surface we have various different methods of cleaning.

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How do we clean your Patios & driveways ?

How do we clean your Patios and driveways?

Using a Powerful Honda powered pressure washer, we can easily remove build up of dirt on your patio and driveway. Using different nozzles and attachments allow us to clean different types of surfaces.

Once we have washed down your patio or driveway. We can use soft wash chemicals to remove stains, black spots and prevent further growth of lichen, algae and moss.

We can also repoint patios and re sand driveways.

Patio Black Spot removal

You may have tried to clean your patio yourself at some point .

But may have come across black spots on your patio that can be shifted with a domestic pressure washer.

These black spots are a type of lichen. They can be removed using a soft wash solution.

Our trained operators can safely remove black spots from patios and driveways

Patio black spot removal
softwash patio
patio black spot removal




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