Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Why do you need your roof cleaned?

Here at innsight cleaning we offer many solutions for roof cleaning. You might ask why do you need your roof cleaned?

Cleaning your roof is a essential part to expanding the life of your roof. Cleaning your roof free of moss and debris is important before it becomes a problem

Moss can cause structural damage, crack tiles when freezes, increase weight on a roof & is less thermal efficient. 

To prolong the life of your roof, removing moss, algae and lichen will prevent roof decay which means your roof will protect your home from the elements and less likely needing expensive roof repairs.

Before After roof moss removalroof moss removal

How do we clean your roof ?

How do we clean your roof ?

First we must decide how to access your roof. usually this can be all done safely from a mobile scaffold tower. sometimes a cherry picker is required for access

There are many various methods for cleaning.To remove the moss from your roof. The first step is to use a specifically designed scraper with profiled blades that match your roof rile profile. We attached this to a telescopic pole and scrape the moss down to the gutter line. We bag all the moss up and clear the gutters. Making sure the downpipes are clear.

we can also use low pressure steam cleaning to further clean your roof tiles. This method isn’t abrasive as pressure washing but can achieve fantastic results for your roof cleaning needs making your roof look like new again.

Once the moss is removed and the roof is cleaned, we can treat the roof with a biocide soft wash solution.


Biocide Roof Cleaning Treatment

We apply a biocide treatment on your moss free roof via a softwash pump and a water fed pole.this will kill any remaining spores, lichen and any other organic growth.
Over the next 6 to 12 months your roof will self clean & lighten with the weather cycle

Biocide treatment can prevent organic growth coming back for a number of years. regular treatments every 2 or 3 years can help prevent and problems and keep your roof looking clean.

Check the video below to see how biocide works for roof cleaning.


Low Pressure Steam Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof with low pressure and steam achieves fantastic results giving your roof a new lease of life. 

Pressure washing your roof can be damaging therefore We use low pressure and steam so we can effectively clean your roof without being abrasive on your roof tiles. 

Using steam involves using a machine with a boiler built in which can heat the water up to 150 degrees. which eats into any dirt and grime with ease.

Roof cleaning


Most frequent questions and answers

It is the procedure of professionally cleaning and treating a roof that has been unprotected to years of weather and has composed a variation of debris, mosses, lichen, mildew, dirt, stains, and other unwanted things such as fallen leaves and bird droppings. It also removes build-ups of soot, air pollution, and airborne exhaust fumes.

Different roof tiles and styles require tailored cleaning methods, so it’s always best to consult and hire a professional roof cleaning contractor.

First, we will examine your roof to see what state it is in. If we notice any damages to your roof or its tiles, we will inform you. We check to see what your roof tiles are made from, and what cleaning techniques they will require. Some very old roofs need a gentler clean as they may be vulnerable.

To prepare your property’s roof for cleaning, we will need to make sure there are no surrounding obstacles such as vehicles and landscaping that could somehow be damaged during the clean. As we use biocides and chemicals to clean, we would not want to destroy any plants, so we will keep that in mind, working in such a way that no damage will be done to your property.

We will need to prepare your property for roof cleaning, we will need to make sure there is no obstacles that could get in the way or get damaged during roof cleaning such as vehicles or garden furniture.

Next we will safely reach your roof by means of a mobile scaffold tower, ladder or MEWP. From here we will use our specially designed roof scraping tools that can match any roof tile profile to scrape away any moss or debris from your roof. The waste will be collected from your gutters and removed from site.

Depending on the condition of tiles we can recommend we use steam cleaning for further cleaning. Alternatively we can skip straight to the biocide roof treatment.

Yes it is essential to clear your gutters as debris from your roof will clog your gutters and will make your gutters not perform.

No. Innsight roof cleaning uses telescopic poles to clean your roof and effectively reach all parts of your roof without needing to walk on top of it. Walking on any roof can potentially harm and break your roof.

You may think that it is only for visual reasons, but many do not know that roof cleaning can bring many other benefits.


The roof is one of the most important features of a building. Protecting your home from the elements and keeping your property dry. It is so important, then, that we regularly maintain our roofs, keeping them in good order. Failure to do so often results in long-term damage and expensive repairs or replacements. One way to care for a roof is by cleaning it.

-We inspect your roof informing you of any damage or issues with your roof and can be quickly dealt with before they become bigger problems.

-Organic substances such as algae, mould, mildew, moss, fungi and lichen which are common problems for your roof, eventually eat away at your roof tiles. Removing these will prevent further damage to your roof. Biocide roof treatment will prevent these problems from appearing again.

– Gutters work in sync with your roof, keeping both clean results in a fully functioning water removal system from the top of your property. Maintaining this system prevents possible water damage and mould in and around your home.

-Another benefit of Innsight roof cleaning professionally cleaning your roof has the potential to increase the value of your property.

Roof cleaning can be a much more cost-efficient option rather than having a whole new roof. Roof cleaning is a small price in comparison especially when you consider how essential your roof is to your home.

However, the costs will depend on the size of your roof and what methods you prefer for roof cleaning.

Typically roof cleaning starts at £300 and can be as much as £3000 for a large property.

This will depend upon various different factors. First the size of your roof and is the moss build up particularly bad. It may take longer if the roof is heavily soiled. Also will depend on access. if the roof can be cleaned from the ground using telescopic poles this will be quicker than if the use of a cherry picker if the only option to access the roof.



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